Fempire Boss n Bowl

We held our November social at All Star Lanes, Stratford. The Fempire Boss n Bowl was a great afternoon out. We had fun bowling followed by a late lunch.

We split the group into two teams, unofficially named The Unbeweaveables and High Rollers (names courtesy of Gege). Our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts were all alive with updates, with Gege and Jay as our resident camerawomen, Nikon and Canon DSLRs in tow.

The Fempire Collective took to the lanes in our snazzy bowling shoes, along with our usual pink uniform. The competition was fierce, albeit a little boozy, but in the end, The Unbeweavebles took the crown. The highest scorer left with a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate of all the strikes and spares she chalked up. The winning team got to share some delicious vegan red velvet cupcakes made by the lovely Dimpleboy Cupcakes, which made victory that much sweeter.

As with all of our events the atmosphere was friendly, the company was great and the afternoon was enjoyable. Lunch with the ladies was filled with laughter. We grubbed on typical American food- burgers, mac and cheese, buttermilk chicken and bbq chicken wings. We sipped on alcoholic milkshakes, cider and some very tame lemonade. We left full and excited about our next event.

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