Why International Women’s Day means so much to millennial #Bossbabes

It’s March and we all know what that means… Ladies we’re back in action!

There’s one, only ONE publicly official moment in the year that working women – all women for that fact – come together to celebrate all that we are and that’s International Women’s Day. However working women and especially millennial women have really made it our own don’t you think? It’s almost like a modern-day protest. Cue the signage filled with affirming womanly confidence and witty slogans about women having bigger balls. We have truly made this day our own.

Don’t Let Them Put You Down!

Why is this day so wonderful? It’s for ALL women regardless of your
relationship status, sexual orientation, race, parenthood status, age or any other thing that segregates women from each other – we forget sometimes that even within one box, there’s a million other boxes. At the end of the day when all the titles are stripped, we’re all women trying to survive the infamous gender patriarchy.


Is Everyone In Support Of International Women’s Day?

There are a lot of women who have made a huge impact in the world whether it be in sports, politics, media, STEM, tech or business – the list goes on. And this is why it’s nice to see women being recognised for their achievements on International Women’s Day. But it hasn’t always been like that…

The official birth of International Women’s Day was 1909 in New York and it was adopted by the UN 66 years later! Can you believe there are STILL people out here who treat women as if they’re worthless? What’s worse about it is that some women
have actually been brainwashed to believe that they’re worthless. And these types of thoughts can make you give up on yourself before you’ve even tried something. You can’t allow yourself to fall a victim to this! You need to believe in your own sauce or else this myth about women being worthless will only become a reality in your life. And that would be a shame right?

Believe In Your Own Sauce!

Serena Williams is a perfect example of a powerful and successful woman who believed in her own sauce. Her journey to success hasn’t been a walk in the park… She suffered from knee and shoulder injuries. And the way she brushes off those social media trolls .. Girlll!

‘Serena looks too masculine. She looks like an ape. I feel so sorry for her…’

Well this so-called masculine ape has won twenty-three Grand Slams and made a bag of money, how about that! And let’s not forget the fact that she got herself a boo, married him and made a beautiful baby with him despite the failed relationships she has experienced in the past.

What would’ve happened if she lost hope in herself and paid attention to all these negative comments about her? That could’ve been the end of her career! But she believed in her sauce and proved all the people who looked down on her wrong with her achievements. And that is what we have to do as women.

Don’t Let Anyone Put You Down!

They don’t want you to win *DJ Khaled’s voice*. But International Women’s Day reminds women yearly to believe in their sauce so they can win and excel in life! I know, the system isn’t always for us and haters will continue to hate and try to shut your dreams down. But they can only mess with your mind if you allow them to get to you. So don’t let anyone make you feel worthless! Believe in your own sauce and go for what you want to achieve in your life. Shock people with your achievements just like Serena did. Who knows, you might be the next woman who gets honoured in public for achieving something great!


Happy International Women’s Day ladies!
Sugars and love,
CynTea x

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