We are Fempire

We are a collective of bright, ambitious, and creative women working towards a better, more inclusive, future. From film and media, to fitness and food, we want to see industries increase and embrace female leadership. We therefore seek to edify and empower those women everywhere who are hustling to make a difference in the world.

Whether you are considering starting a small business, or if you have been dreaming of building your empire since the womb, we invite you to join us for industry talks, workshops, art & craft fairs, film screenings, and more. The Fempire will give you access to a community of women who are making an impact in their own, beautifully unique way.

We want to ensure that the factors that have historically limited women from thriving or even existing in various industries remain hindrances no longer and we believe that working together can make this happen. Together, we will shatter those glass ceilings and make these spaces accessible to all. Let us unite. Let us collaborate. Let us educate.